Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kid Catastrophe Living Up to Her Name

Just when you think everything is going fine, BANG! Your daughter falls off the back of the couch, and almost goes out a window. I was thinking just moments before how my little daughter looked so grown up, and how she is becoming less clumsy and more agile (like her brother), and so I was letting her play up on the back of the couch with her brother.

Right after she fell, Kid Catastrophe started crying and Danger Boy immediately comes to his sister's rescue and pulls her up since her legs were hanging out the window. Score one for Danger Boy! I rush over (trying to remember to breathe! And not have a heart attack!) and expect to see BLOOD. I look over Kid Catasrophe and I see NOTHING. She's still crying, the entire bottom part of the window is busted out so I know she must have hit it hard enough with her legs to break it. I do eventually find a scrape (not bleeding) along one shin on her leg. Kid Catastrophe comes through another kid caused natural disaster with little/no damage!

You ever hear the quote "there's a separate god for children"? I think it might be from "How To Kill a Mockingbird". I don't think the quote means that there are several gods, just that God has a special place in his heart for our children and looks out for them especially. It seems like every parent I've talked to has a story where their children should have been seriously hurt, but managed to come out virtually unscathed.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Making Christmas

If there are Christmas decorations up the day after Halloween, I take full responsibility. My overflowing joy at the sight of all things Christmasy makes the store people do this, I'm sure of it. Tired Mom's super power must be making Christmas come earlier and earlier every year. This year, we got our first REAL TREE. It is AWESOME. I might be addicted to real trees, but we'll have to see how annoying the pine needles are by the end of the month.

As usual, Danger Boy & Kid Catastrophe were ecstatic to decorate the tree. They enjoyed looking at the naked tree for a day, but they were stoked when Paranoid Dad finally arrived home from work so we could start decorating.

Kid Catastrophe opened a box full of decorations and showed it to Paranoid Dad. She asked "what's in this box?" Paranoid Dad thought it was a funny question (since it seemed pretty obvious what was in the box) so he said, "that's where we keep the drugs!" Kid Catastrophe then walked over to where I was putting lights on the tree with Danger Boy and said, "this box is where we keep the drugs!". It was pretty funny. Paranoid Dad got the fake death glare as I said, "Daddy was just joking sweetie!"
Danger Boy kept trying to grab an impossible amount of the "glass ball" type ornaments and making Paranoid Dad go into Paranoid mode about how bad broken ornaments are, and how he does not even want to think about what would happen if certain events were to transpire involving lots of broken glass, flying elves, indoor tornadoes and other unlikely freak accidents ;)
One of my favorite moments! When PD picks up the kids and they all put the angel on the tree. I think this will be much harder next year when Super Spy might want to get on this angel action.
Stinkin cute kids!
Super Spy could not help much with tree decorating, so she mostly took turns watching from PD and TM's laps. Silly willy Christmas fun!