Saturday, February 9, 2013

Introducing- Captain Midnight!!!

It's been a whole month since our newest baby arrived. Where does the time go? The newest member of the Super Family entered the world in the usual way (for Tired Mom, via c-section), with only a little trouble when his giant head got stuck on the way out. He grabbed the doctor's hand and held on for dear life until he was free. He was 9 1/2 lbs with a 15inch head, so quiet the load for Tired Mom to carry.

He was an instant hit with all the rest of the Super Crew. Danger Boy enjoys holding him all the time.

Kid Catastrophe is not as confident in her baby holding, but she still considers him to be the cutest baby ever. She exclaims at least once a day lately, "he's just so cute!"

Miss Mayhem being 2 years old, does not hold him, but she is very curious about everything about him. She likes to point out all his body parts when they take a bath together (Captain Midnight in his baby bath, with Miss Mayhem sitting in the big bath alongside him).

He is still pretty sleepy most days, but still manages to keep us up until midnight to 2 am some nights. Hence the nickname "Captain Midnight".

We love our Sun Bear and hope to have many more blog posts about all his baby adventures in the near future!