Friday, March 1, 2013

Miss Mayhem - Super Flusher

I seriously thought Danger Boy was a very scary two year old with the way he would always try to bolt away in parking lots, and into streets, and basically would not stop no matter how much I screamed. Miss Mayhem has decided that she wants to steal the title of Most Destructive Toddler since Captain Midnight arrived. I knew it was bad timing that Miss Mayhem had decided to: learn how to climb out of her crib, jump baby gates, open doors, and flush toilets all at the same time, but I did not realize how bad. Miss Mayhem has been using her newfound abilities to clog up both our toilets! 

She has been sneaking into our two bathrooms left and right (in the guise of going potty) and flushing whatever she can find into toilets. We tried augers, plungers, wire hangers, and our own hands, but we could not un-clog those dang dong toilets. We had to call in our Super Handy Friend to bail us out. He had to take both toilets up and un-plug them from underneath. He found- a compact, an eyeshadow, a tube of neosporin, and a mascara in the upstairs. In the downstairs he found- a bottle of baby lotion, a small plastic toy (Suuuuusssaan from the monsters movie), and an elmo toy. I have no clue what else went "all the way" before those things went down to clog the toilet. It took two days, but he finally got us back in working order.

Miss Mayhem is my first Super Monster to do this, and I was not prepared, especially after just having a baby! We have now gated off the upstairs bathroom with a Super Slippery gate that Miss Mayhem can't climb, and put a door knob cover on the downstairs. All in all, this is one adventure I'm glad is over.