Monday, March 22, 2010

Unknown Super Powers

Tired Mom discovers new super powers every day sometimes. The Super Kids mostly are responsible for finding them out. A few she has discovered lately:

Danger Boys says while we are riding in the car, "MOM! You are making the grass go really fast!" Yes, I can do that, all on my own!

Kid Catastrophe was talking to me from another room, around a corner, and says, "MOM! Does this go in there?" Because I have x-ray vision!

Both kids yelling at me, "MOM! Open the door!" while I have both hands full of grocery bags. Because I can spontaneously grow a third arm out of my stomach! Who knew? The kids have such confidence in their ability to discover my super powers.

AAAAANNNNNNDDD, the best super power of all.......I can grow another human being in my STOMACH! How cool is that????

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The First Signs of Spring

The First Signs of Spring- Freckles
and Crocuses!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pretty Pink Princess Party

Kid Catastrophe turned 4 years old, and Tired Mom did her best to create a Pretty Pink Princess Party for her. I was very tired this year, but I did my best! Next year we will invite more of QQ's friends, but this year was just family and almost family ;)

My little princess insisted she was going to dress like Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) and Tired Mom did not disappoint when she was able to pull this Spring/Summer dress out of the closet (a yard sale find!). KC said "WOW!" when she saw the Belle dress I had for her.

The Disney Princess cake was a smashing success with the star of the show as well.

Even though KC did not eat a piece until the party was almost over. My kids are weirdos!
The Princess Scooter was the biggest present that the Super Parents pulled out of their hat, but the grandmas did their best to upstage the show with other presents. Danger Boy also rides the princess scooter which will make Tired Mom laugh for many years to come!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Today my baby girl turns 4 years old! Who let time speed up? It's insane! One of her new super hero aliases lately has been "Miss Independence" as she is learning all sorts of new things in the last few months. Her latest has been switching to a low back booster seat and learning to buckle herself in. Yay for independence!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Amazing Bump Update

The Amazing Bump is doing fine at 32 weeks gestation. She's growing and getting bigger by the second. She should be about 5 lbs so far. I try not to make this the Nutmeg Blog (he is, after all, only a side kick) but these pics were cute! Paranoid Dad thinks since Nutmeg spends so much time on my belly that the baby will not be able to fall asleep without the sounds of Nutty's purr.