Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The Destructive Four have finally gotten themselves a swing set, thanks to friendly neighbors who no longer need it for their grown grandchildren. Also- we finally found something to hook up the wooden baby swing that Super Aunt Weesie gave to us 6-7 years ago. I'm glad I held on to that. Thanks Aunt Weesie! We have specifically designated it as Captain Midnight's swing to avoid confusion for Miss Mayhem. The lowest green swing has been designated as hers.

I was thinking as all the kids were playing together on the swing set that I was extending the childhood of my older kids by having younger kids. Stay with me now on this logic. I think by having younger kids who are interesting in running around and playing outdoors that it encourages the older kids to do the same. Being an example works both ways for younger and older kids after all.  Danger Boy (now 9 years old) enjoys playing with Miss Mayhem (3 years old) and chasing her around the yard. Kid Catastrophe (7 years old) joins in sometimes too. MM is hilarious and fun to chase because she has all the enthusiasm and energy of a 3 year old little girl. I don't think the older kids would be as prone to running around and playing simple games if they did not have a younger sibling to do these things with. Miss Mayhem has also discovered sticks, which Danger Boy stopped playing with a few years ago, but now plays again with MM. I could cite more examples, but my tired mommy brain won't let me.

Alright, enough philosophy, on to the swing set pics!

"PUSH! PUSH!" cries Miss Mayhem.

Um, this is ok, I guess, grumbles Captain Midnight (I'm sure he'll enjoy it more when he's older). Danger Boy did get him to smile on the swing, but I did not get a pic of course.

A little something for everyone.

Danger Boy rides his might steed to greater and greater heights! (as Tired Mom yells "stop making the swing set hop!!!)

Danger Boy wanted to designate this as his swing, but was told he had to share.

I've stopped moving! Hello! Minions!

Kid Catastrophe's play clothes of choice are a dress and heels. I have no idea where she gets her super girliness from, but I always get a kick out of it.

Sitting pretty on the see-saw given to us by the same neighbor.
Yes, my little brother, soon we will both wear masks and take over the world! Bwahahaha!