Thursday, March 24, 2011

1st Grade Plays and Other Forms of Torture

First off, the elocution and the delivery of lines was wooden and unrealistic in this play. There was nary an understandable line from start to finish, and the theatrical technicians had to feed many more lines than they should have. The musical numbers were a farce, with kids singing out of turn, off key, and without any trace of musical talent. The costumes were uninspired and insipid, while the lighting was so stark that it left nothing to the imagination. The only decent actor or singer was my kid, and he should have had a MUCH bigger part. Hello!

That's my kid in the back, with the demon eyes. I really should have looked twice at that contract I signed with the devil. It's always the fine print. This was actually the best shot I could get of the boy while holding a baby and taking care of a 5 year old. I did not attempt some of the acrobatic drop rolls and bow legged crab walks that the other parents were able to do to get that perfect shot of their kid singing along with some song about a hoe down.

Overall, the play was fun to watch. Wrestling with a cranky baby without Paranoid Dad for backup is not something I ever want to try again (PD was teaching his martial arts class tonight and already had to miss one class recently due to the flu).
Super Spy was not interested in any of it. I'm not sure why a normally happy baby could not sit still for 30 minutes! But, she kept it down enough that I did not have to walk out with her like another mom with an even crankier baby had to do. Thank goodness for that!

This was one of Super Spy's non-cranky times, as she rolls on the floor with Kid Catastrophe. Kid Catastrophe liked the musical numbers the best, as she danced around each time they started singing.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tales From the Crib

Nursing Story: I was peacefully nursing Super Spy on the bed the other day when Paranoid Dad got excited about something and was happily yelling about it (behind where Super Spy was nursing). She bit me (for the first time), and I screamed! Super Spy whips her head around and looks over at her daddy with this look that clearly said, "WHAT DID YOU DO THAT MADE MOMMY SCREAM LIKE THAT???'

In other news: Super Spy is 11 months old today! How the time flies in that first year. She seems to do something new almost every day, and she's as sweet as ever!

She is eating more and more table foods (we skipped the baby food since she was almost 8 months old before she showed interest in any food that was not nursing). She waves bye bye, says bye bye, is starting to use simple signs, and makes a huge variety of other noises.

Her and Danger Boy enjoy their floor time together. Danger Boy loves his baby sister! He is always asking when she will wake up when she is down for naps, and is always doing something to get her attention. Kid Catastrophe continues to spend more and more time with her baby sister as well, but she does not show quiet the obsessed fan devotion that Danger Boy displays.
With all the attention she gets from the whole Super Family, Super Spy should be spoiled rotten, but her sweet nature conquers all.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Give Me Your Money, or the Doll Gets It!!!

Sometimes, I walk into my back room (the kid's playroom) and just have to wonder. This was one of those times.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Super Spy Stalks Stoic

It seems like every time I turn around, Super Spy has got a hold of our newest cat. Stoic has no fear of the baby the way a normal cat would, and even tries to roll on his back and play with her sometimes. I'm not sure which is funnier: seeing Stoic calmly endure the screamings and smackings of Super Spy, or watching how excited Super Spy gets every time she sees Stoic! The Battle Cry of the Cat Stalking Baby is also hilarious. Periwinkle (our older, smaller cat) runs like she is being chased by a demon when Super Spy belts our her cat chasing scream. Stoic barely twitches a whisker.