Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Random Christmas Stuff

Here is some fun stuff from our two day Christmas Marathon;

Crazy aunts & scary uncles are just part of the fun...

With the hugging...
and the squishing?
Haven't figured out this face either ;)

What is Christmas without presents????!!!

Big presents!!!

Danger Boy managed to get excited about things like underwear and blankets ;)

The cousins getting together is big part of the fun for my kids as well.
Weapons of choice: Foil wrapping paper & Little mermaid blankets?

I'm not sure why Vance likes wrestling around with his older cousin, because he always loses. But, he loses with a silly smile on his face!

We wandered over to Grandma's house later on Christmas day for more presents,
and torturing Grandma's dog is always fun too!

Tired Mom loves Christmas, but she is looking forward to a return to sanity this week ;)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Two Kids Two Cat Toys=Endless Fun

"All kittens think about is MURDER!!!" A quote from Aunt Danielle's boyfriend. So, Aunt Danielle suggested we get some cat toys for Nutmeg for Christmas to burn off that kitten manic energy. The kids have a blast with it too, so everyone wins ;)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Super Hero Training Ground- McDonald's Playland

So, you take your kids to this indoor park where they run around, occasionally eat, make a few insta-throwaway friends, and then you take them home where hopefully they sleep. Plus, they're so busy playing, and trying to avoid you making them eat that last chicken nugget, that maybe you get some time to talk to your spouse (over the din, but still it works). Your kids get some much needed winter exercise and Tired Mom gets a night off from cooking. What's not to love?

Vance heard a little girl crying while we were there because some girl tried to take her pony or something. So the little girl goes and sits with her mom for awhile. Vance asked "Can I hug Zsu Zsu to make her feel better?" (I don't know how he learned the girl's name). I told him he could so he gave her a hug and pats her on the shoulder, and the mom thought that was so sweet. Then we all went into sugar shock when QQ sees Vance hugging her because she's sad and QQ decides to give her a hug as well. I love my kids!

Mcdonalds's playland in E-ville

Yes, I got Vance the toy for the girl meal. He likes ponies ok!

QQ does not go up in the play place yet, so she usually plays on the benches or on the ramp on the lower part.

She was playing camera flash peekaboo behind this bench for these shots.

Vance means well ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Everyday is Christmas!!!

I told Vance that he could not open the presents that Santa left under the tree until Christmas, so everyday he tries to convince me it's Christmas. "Today is Christmas Mommy!" He says while rubbing his hands together and drooling over the presents.

Also- ever since I have hurt my foot, Vance says his foot hurts too. "I can't go to school, my foot hurts!" He doesn't limp or anything, so I know he's just being Vance.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Power to Turn Any Piece of Furniture Into a Playground

I'm so glad I only have hand me down or Goodwill furniture, so when the kids get bored in the winter and want to turn the living room chair into a slide, it's fun all around (for me to watch and for the kids to play). My cats already had a go at destroying this chair, so I figured it was the kids turn anyway!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Church Christmas Party (Party party party!!!) A.K.A --What Superheroes Do in December

The party started out with a visit to the North Pole to see Santa

My kids hate Santa. :(

But seem ok with the candy canes that he gives out. We did not get a shot of Danger Boy because he would not go anywhere near Santa once the "sit on his lap" part started.

The tree was beautiful...

...so naturally I had to keep the kids away from it
There were also beautiful presents (don't touch! they are just for decoration!)
And then the primary put on a Christmas program! Danger Boy is holding the sheep.
Paranoid Dad said our church is politically incorrect because all the boys were shepherds and all the girls were angels (except Joseph & Mary). Yay for political incorrectness!

Vance had fun holding his lamb.
Lots of fun!!

Some of the shepherds got tired.

Vance did not need to sit down but he showed off his sucker fish face towards the end. He was a very good shepherd!