Friday, May 27, 2011

Super Spy Battles Fifth Disease & Attacks Some Strawberries

Super Spy was giving Tired Mom a run for her money today, so she was taken outside and put into a box! Well, the box is actually the strawberry patch. Super Spy protested (she'd been protesting all day) until I had the brilliant idea to let her try out some of the delectable June bearing strawberries I was picking. Instant hit! I have another Strawberry Attacker in the family (Kid Catastophe being the other one). It was a messy snack, with all the dirt she kept playing with, but Super Spy is always messy when she eats. I love the sweet face in the picture above. Too cute!

In case you missed it, Super Spy got Fifth's Disease a few weeks ago with the accompanying red rash. The older kids had won their battle with this common childhood illness 3 years ago, so Super Spy had to fight it on her own.

Super Spy came out on top with minimal problems, a few days of fever, and then a mild rash. The doctor said she will only get it once, so one less childhood illness to worry about later!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kid Catastophe Says Goodbye to Preschool

Kid Catastophe graduated from preschool this week! Her education adventures will continue next year in (gasp!) KINDERGARTEN!
At the end of the year, the preschool has a play day for all the kids. KC and I had a blast on all the bouncy houses, along with other fun activities they had set up (inside the school, since it was rainy and cold today).

They had balloon animals (or a balloon flower in KC's case).
They had face painting (KC got a pink butterfly) and they had jewelry making stuff. So Tired Mom and Kid Catastrophe got to make necklaces. I so rarely get to do "just girl" stuff with KC, so sitting down to make necklaces was such a nice treat!

And, at the end of the 2 1/2 hours of so much fun, Kid Catastrophe had finally had enough, and fell asleep on the couch. She spent most of her play day bouncing on the bouncy houses, so it did not surprise me one bit when she crashed while watching TV!
Kid Catastophe put together this super outfit to take out some bad guys the other day. It's so much fun being the mom to such a Super Little Girl!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Super Spy Turns ONE!

Actually she turned ONE a month ago, so I'm way way behind ha ha. The end of the school year is when everything seems to pile up, and I will be so glad for it to come to an end! Oh well, back to the splendiferous birthday party of our littlest Super Baby! We had a GUMMY BEAR theme to the party (see the cutest birthday card E-VER made by our very own Super Grandma!).

Super Spy was dressed in Rainbow Baby attire to go with the theme, and she seemed to have a blast! (it's hard to tell with her being a baby, and not being able to speak)
She got stripped down to her diaper, and enjoyed her very own CHOCOLATE CAKE! This is in keeping with our tradition of letting the babies go crazy on their very own cake for their first birthday party.

And, she enjoyed tasting a wide variety of wrapping paper. She seemed to enjoy the flavor of this one especially! She also received many thoughtful and wonderful toys, clothes, and books. She said "Gah!" to all, which I translated to mean 'Thank you, thank you very much'!
These pictures show the evolution of the Rainbow Gummy Bear Cake! So fun to make, and in keeping without our Rainbow Gummy Bear Birthday party theme (see also rainbow decorations).

Can you believe she is already ONE?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Strange Day in Mom Land

Taking the kids out in the double stroller is always an adventure for Tired Mom, but today was especially fun and rewarding.

First, I took Super Spy alone up to get Kid Catastrophe from her preschool. We picked up KC and headed to Walgreens to pick up a few things and look at the sales. After we left Walgreens we went to the light and pushed the button and waited for the "walk" light so we could cross the busy road.

As we were waiting, I heard a honk (and I cringed on the inside just a little because one time someone honked at me and I looked up and they were flipping me off!). I looked up and two big guys in a truck were giving me smiles and thumbs up. I blushed and looked down, and the light turned green so they took off. I think they were giving me a thumbs up for taking two kids out in a stroller on such a nice day? That's just a guess. Maybe it was just a general, "hey that mom thing looks hard, you're doing great!"

If that was not enough to make my day, I get a second boost. After we pick up Danger Boy from his school (30 minutes between when KC gets out of school and we have to go get DB), we are walking down a nice shady street and we see the post woman we usually see on this street delivering mail. She says, "HEY!" (she's across the street and it's windy so she had to yell, but I kind of cringe again because I'm expecting a reprimand for something). "YOU KNOW YOU ARE A GREAT MOM!" I'm blushing and I yell back, "THANK YOU!" and then she says, "YOU ARE! I SEE YOU ALL THE TIME, AND YOU WORK SO HARD!"

I just felt like such a lucky mom today to get two mom compliments within 20 minutes of each other from strangers!

(Here's some random pics of my cute kids showing their Easter stuff from Grandma!)