Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Strange Day in Mom Land

Taking the kids out in the double stroller is always an adventure for Tired Mom, but today was especially fun and rewarding.

First, I took Super Spy alone up to get Kid Catastrophe from her preschool. We picked up KC and headed to Walgreens to pick up a few things and look at the sales. After we left Walgreens we went to the light and pushed the button and waited for the "walk" light so we could cross the busy road.

As we were waiting, I heard a honk (and I cringed on the inside just a little because one time someone honked at me and I looked up and they were flipping me off!). I looked up and two big guys in a truck were giving me smiles and thumbs up. I blushed and looked down, and the light turned green so they took off. I think they were giving me a thumbs up for taking two kids out in a stroller on such a nice day? That's just a guess. Maybe it was just a general, "hey that mom thing looks hard, you're doing great!"

If that was not enough to make my day, I get a second boost. After we pick up Danger Boy from his school (30 minutes between when KC gets out of school and we have to go get DB), we are walking down a nice shady street and we see the post woman we usually see on this street delivering mail. She says, "HEY!" (she's across the street and it's windy so she had to yell, but I kind of cringe again because I'm expecting a reprimand for something). "YOU KNOW YOU ARE A GREAT MOM!" I'm blushing and I yell back, "THANK YOU!" and then she says, "YOU ARE! I SEE YOU ALL THE TIME, AND YOU WORK SO HARD!"

I just felt like such a lucky mom today to get two mom compliments within 20 minutes of each other from strangers!

(Here's some random pics of my cute kids showing their Easter stuff from Grandma!)


Anonymous said...

And she's all mine, boys!!!

the Big E

Law Fool said...

You ARE a great mom! How fun that you got validation for that! :)

Karen said...

Sorry, that was me. I didn't know I was signed in as my husband.