Saturday, May 21, 2011

Super Spy Turns ONE!

Actually she turned ONE a month ago, so I'm way way behind ha ha. The end of the school year is when everything seems to pile up, and I will be so glad for it to come to an end! Oh well, back to the splendiferous birthday party of our littlest Super Baby! We had a GUMMY BEAR theme to the party (see the cutest birthday card E-VER made by our very own Super Grandma!).

Super Spy was dressed in Rainbow Baby attire to go with the theme, and she seemed to have a blast! (it's hard to tell with her being a baby, and not being able to speak)
She got stripped down to her diaper, and enjoyed her very own CHOCOLATE CAKE! This is in keeping with our tradition of letting the babies go crazy on their very own cake for their first birthday party.

And, she enjoyed tasting a wide variety of wrapping paper. She seemed to enjoy the flavor of this one especially! She also received many thoughtful and wonderful toys, clothes, and books. She said "Gah!" to all, which I translated to mean 'Thank you, thank you very much'!
These pictures show the evolution of the Rainbow Gummy Bear Cake! So fun to make, and in keeping without our Rainbow Gummy Bear Birthday party theme (see also rainbow decorations).

Can you believe she is already ONE?

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