Friday, May 27, 2011

Super Spy Battles Fifth Disease & Attacks Some Strawberries

Super Spy was giving Tired Mom a run for her money today, so she was taken outside and put into a box! Well, the box is actually the strawberry patch. Super Spy protested (she'd been protesting all day) until I had the brilliant idea to let her try out some of the delectable June bearing strawberries I was picking. Instant hit! I have another Strawberry Attacker in the family (Kid Catastophe being the other one). It was a messy snack, with all the dirt she kept playing with, but Super Spy is always messy when she eats. I love the sweet face in the picture above. Too cute!

In case you missed it, Super Spy got Fifth's Disease a few weeks ago with the accompanying red rash. The older kids had won their battle with this common childhood illness 3 years ago, so Super Spy had to fight it on her own.

Super Spy came out on top with minimal problems, a few days of fever, and then a mild rash. The doctor said she will only get it once, so one less childhood illness to worry about later!


Renae said...

cute stuff (except for the rash). Glad you found a way to entertain her outdoors!

timpani76 said...

Food! The best entertainment ;)