Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Day of School, Bittersweet!

Ah, the last day of Kindergarten for Kid Catastrophe, and Danger Boy was a little over a week ago. So sad to say goodbye to Mrs. B and Miss T! We will miss both of them for different reasons.

Mrs. B was so nice to my little tender hearted girly girl. She kept me apprised of any "crying" incidents as Kid Catastrophe has a hard time keeping back her tears and her feelings are very easily bruised. The start of the school year also take some adjusting for her (it did in preschool as well). Despite dealing with her emotions, Kid Catastrophe still very much loved going to school everyday. She would often tell me about all the things she needed to tell and show Mrs. B when she got to school. Mrs. B's clothing, hair, and other attributes were often discussed in our home as well. She must have been a sensitive teacher for my little sweetheart to love her so much. Kid Catastrophe was also worried that Mrs. B would miss her and the other kids this summer.

Miss T was our youngest teacher yet for Danger Boy, and methinks Danger Boy had his first teacher crush this year. He would often talk about Miss T being a very pretty lady (something he has never said before about anyone that I know of). He also liked to talk about her being married soon (this summer). Miss T told us how helpful DB was in class (he gets that compliment often) and what a joy he was to have this year. Danger Boy always does well in school, but he does not enjoy it as much as KC seems to.

We will miss both these teachers!

Monday, May 7, 2012

If You Can't Reach Us, We're Outside....

It's that time of year again! The time of year where where Tired Mom spends several hours a day on yard work and gardening while the kids play (and sometimes help). We have no answering machine, so the phone just rings and rings when we are outside. 

The lettuce bed is already overflowing, the squash seedlings have popped up, and the little tomato plants are all planted. The bell pepper seedlings that were started indoors are starting to harden off outside. The kids are working on some marigold and sunflowers they are growing from seed (marigolds also keep away harmful insects, along with scattering orange peels and planting some lavender).

This was a fun pic that Paranoid Dad took. Danger Boy may be making the point that yard work is MURDER!


 Kid Catastrophe is showing off the mask she made during a library craft day. We are also going to be doing the Library Reading Program again this year.
Miss Mayhem begs to play outside all the time, so there will be no complaints about our outdoor lifestyle. She screams "TOY!" and points at the front yard every time I try to make her come inside from a car ride somewhere before going outside. The older kids are most helpful by playing with Miss Mayhem as she wanders all over the yard. We will check in when we can, but if we don't it's because we are outside!