Thursday, October 20, 2011

Butchering Some Pumpkins

Every once in a great while, Danger Boy and Kid Catastrophe encounter a foe so deadly, so dangerous, so maleficent, that they must be armed, with KNIVES! to defeat them. We are, of course, talking about the ritual pumpkin butchering. It must be done every year to put down the evil hordes of blood thirsty pumpkins that roam the land. Obviously, the people of the great state of Illinois must rely on the brave, such as Danger Boy and Kid Catastrophe to fight back the ever present fall surge (fun fact: According to the Illinois Department of Agriculture, 95% of the U.S. crop (of pumpkins) intended for processing is grown in Illinois.)

First, the pumpkins must have the tops of their heads sawed off, so we can scoop out their innards! Tedious work it is, to make sure the slimy goo is removed thoroughly. Seeds also must be taken out, lest even more pumpkins come back next year!

Danger Boy showed his skill and bravery by wielding the knife for the longest. Kid Catastrophe did her best, but had to rely heavily on Paranoid Dad for help. Incidentally, Paranoid Dad had never participated in a carving up of some pumpkins! This was a fun first for him. He did seem especially paranoid about the Dynamic Duo wielding their pointy weapons though.

Look at their evil faces even after they have been repeatedly stabbed! Is this not proof that they are a most irksome foe? They are lit with fire from within, repeatedly, to make sure they stay good and dead.
Kid Catastrophe chose a cat face, while Danger Boy chose Jack the Pumpkin king for his pumpkin (Tired Mom got to draw the outlines on the pumpkins as her part in the slaughter)
The end result was most satisfying for all who participated ;)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Miss Mayhem Speaks Out

I'm letting you dress me mom, not because it's "for my own good" or whatever, but because I know you will throw such a tantrum if I don't let you!

Yes, mother, I know that you will change my diaper no matter how much I kick you, but I just enjoy kicking while I'm laying on my back. It's more fun if I have something to kick, like your stomach. Come on! It's soft and squishy. I know I could lay on my back and kick some other time, but I always forget until you put me on my back. I'm a baby, so I don't think of these things!

I like to come and talk to you while you are sitting on the potty because you are closer to my level. It's much harder for me to stick my finger up your nose when you are in a regular chair.

Wait, I thought these were "my" diapers. So, why can't I scatter them across the living room floor?

The car seat is scary! Why do you keep putting me in there? NOOOOO!!!!

But, I want to play with the remotes! They light up and the buttons are fun to push.

But, I want to throw things in the toilet! I like the splashes. What are germs exactly? I don't see any in there.

But, I like throwing things in the trash can! Germs again? I think these are actually a figment of your imagination mommy!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Miss Mayhem Has Mad Skills

Besides the obvious extreme cuteness skill, Miss Mayhem seems to pick up something new everyday. These range from annoying, like learning to lift the toilet lid and the trashcan lid, to wonderful, like learning to carry her little plastic chair around the house to she can sit at various locations. Her chair at home is white, but she found this red one during a recent visit to Granny Ma's house.

Miss Mayhem loves to play with cans. I purposely leave several cabinets open at her level just so she can get out her cans to play with.

I also love this wide open mouth that she gives me every time I turn the camera on her. Is that her version of a really big smile? She is picking up words, and more signs all the time. She also continues to wow all the sales clerks and old ladies at the grocery store with her ability to blow kisses and wave bye bye.

Who can resist the super cuteness of this baby?