Sunday, October 24, 2010

Super Candy Farm!

We attended the church Trunk or Treat party again this year. This time it was at a farm! Sadly, Paranoid Dad could not come because of a prior commitment. Tired Mom became extra tired with three kids to herself, but we still had tons of fun. So much for two active Super Kids to do on a farm! Running around kept them happy until we had the food.
Danger Boy dressed up as Spider Man with his Spider Dog, Wiley (who is actually a multi-colored stuffed elephant, but I guess since he was named after Grandma's dog, he had to be a dog?). Kid Catastrophe was a Fairy Princess riding a Unicorn Pegasus. Super Spy was a Jack O'Lantern, but I did not get a good picture of her since I was carrying her in a baby sling all night.
Then it was on to the CANDY! Which is half the fun of Halloween parties, really. This guy tried to give Danger Boy a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, but DB politely said, "This one has peanuts!" Danger Boy always says, "Trunk or Treat, no peanuts please!" but this guy was not listening I guess. One lady told us how cute Danger Boy was the way he said "no peanuts please" with a big smile.
Last but not least, a hay ride! What fun! The 6 and under crowd got to go first, but Tired Mom opted to let the older kids ride alone (with several friendly dads to supervise). Danger Boy said the hay ride was the best part, but then he revised it to add that the Trunk or Treating was his favorite part as well.

More Halloween hijinks will be forthcoming!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kid Catastophe's Apple Adventures

Tired Mom and Kid Catastrophe braved the far reaches of the Apple Farm in search of THE PERFECT APPLE! We actually found several. We had to dodge bees (Tired Mom's kryptonite) hold our noses at the stinky rotten apples, wind our way through treacherous fallen apples ready to trip us at every turn, duck under low branches (while also dodging fallen apples at the same time), and climb a slippery grass hill in our perilous search. Oh, but it was wonderful.

Kid Catastrophe was armed with her pink hat to keep the sun from burning us in our quest.

Ah, the sweet taste of success!!! We ate some of our perfect apples right there in the apple grove.
After our triumphant return from the apple groves, we enjoyed the rest of our time at the Apple Farm with various other adventurous things.

Such as feeding very slobbery animals...(yes, that's a camel in there)

Riding on a scary swing ride (well, scary for a four year old)
And riding back home on the bus. Which, was very tiring after a hard day in search of apples and adventure.