Friday, October 1, 2010

Kid Catastophe's Apple Adventures

Tired Mom and Kid Catastrophe braved the far reaches of the Apple Farm in search of THE PERFECT APPLE! We actually found several. We had to dodge bees (Tired Mom's kryptonite) hold our noses at the stinky rotten apples, wind our way through treacherous fallen apples ready to trip us at every turn, duck under low branches (while also dodging fallen apples at the same time), and climb a slippery grass hill in our perilous search. Oh, but it was wonderful.

Kid Catastrophe was armed with her pink hat to keep the sun from burning us in our quest.

Ah, the sweet taste of success!!! We ate some of our perfect apples right there in the apple grove.
After our triumphant return from the apple groves, we enjoyed the rest of our time at the Apple Farm with various other adventurous things.

Such as feeding very slobbery animals...(yes, that's a camel in there)

Riding on a scary swing ride (well, scary for a four year old)
And riding back home on the bus. Which, was very tiring after a hard day in search of apples and adventure.


Karen said...

I hate bees, too!!! I'm jealous you guys got to go apple picking. Such a perfect fall activity!

timpani76 said...

It was so much fun Karen! You should take your little guy some time.

I kept picturing getting stung by the bees, and then having to go home because of the localized swelling I get when I get stung by bees. Next time I will bring some Benadryl so I don't have to worry so much!

Dana Cheryl said...

Awwwww! I'm loving this latest adventure!! I bet she's still talking about it all. It's not everyday that a midwestern super hero gets to see a camel! I love the last picture. So sweet.

Renae said...

I want to go apple picking! There is nothing better than a FRESH apple! Cute pictures too!

Dana Cheryl said...

Just wanted to tell you that this post inspired me. I'm going to an orchard next week!