Monday, September 20, 2010

Super Spy's Happy Places

Super Spy is a very happy baby (Super Power-ULTRA HAPPINESS!!) but there are certain places where she seems especially happy. In the above picture she is on mommy's lap, and obviously very happy.

Daddy's lap as he listens to music and browses the net. "She's an 80's music girl," says daddy.

Her bouncer/walker thing gives her access to toys, and lets her sit upright to see the world better.
Her floor toy/baby jungle gym gives her access to toys she can turn herself to, and grab (and sometimes even put in her mouth, where everything is starting to go).

And one of her many favorite things to do in her walker is to watch the older kids play in the back room (while also looking at the ceiling fan in the back room too).
Such a happy baby with so many happy places, what more could a Tired Mom ask for?


Dana Cheryl said...

Super Spy is such a cute little thing!! How awful to have such a happy person around all the time!

timpani76 said...

It gets worse Dana, she's actually a MORNING PERSON! Who is this child that came from my body?

Dana Cheryl said...

LOL! I guess she thought she'd come down here and shake things up a bit!! Good luck with that!!! :)

Bruce said...

potty trained by her first birthday would be nice

Anonymous said...

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