Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Scare Up a Good Book!

The theme for the library reading program this summer was, you guessed it, "Scare Up a Good Book!" The button was one of the attendance prizes we got for showing up for the bi-weekly shows and crafts at the library. The library has been decorated all summer with fun and scary decorations to go with the theme.

We had so much fun watching a Mad Scientist, a Crazy Reptile Guy (who brought in an Anaconda and a live Alligator!), and doing super scary crafts. The kids also got stickers and free kids meals to Red Robin as they completed a certain number of books.
Today was the BIG FINALE! (Although the zoo will be bringing some animals next week because it was too hot to bring the animals when they were scheduled for their show)
The kids each got to pick out a cool prize for completing the required reading for their age group (Kid Catastrophe got her prize for books read to her, Danger Boy did actual reading for his prize). Below are some pics of some of the fun things kids got to choose from. There was a whole big room full of choices!
There was also some "extra" prizes kids could win by putting their names in for drawings. Kid Catastrophe won this book in one of the drawings. It's a cute "girl book" as Kid Catastrophe called it. At the end of the prize picking, and the prize winning, a PIZZA PARTY! Super Silly willy fun fun. This was our third year and we hope they have the program every year from now on!!!

(You can tell Super Spy was enthralled with the whole thing!)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Super 4th

We started out the 4th of July with getting Super Spy blessed at our church. She was so sweet and did not cry why her Daddy gave her many wonderful blessings. Which included: being close to her ancestors, being close to her brother and sister, and being choosy who she gave her heart to. We got to share her blessing with some of our closest friends who came to visit our church just for the occasion. What a beautiful day at church for our family!

As a side note: don't you just love chubby baby hands?
That night we went to Troy to watch the fireworks as usual, and had a great time. We got the kids glow bracelets for fun, and it was easier to see them when they ran out into the field while we waited for the fireworks to start. Super Spy did not really seem to watch the fireworks, and was mostly pre-occupied with nursing. Eh, give her a few more years! We all had a fun time visiting Uncle Matt and Aunt Annette (where we always park, and then walk to the field where we watch the fireworks) and had a great ending to the best 4th of July I think I've ever had!

Danger Boy and Kid Catastrophe got super muddy one day (not uncommon around our house) and Super Spy was napping upstairs, so they got to run around in their undies for awhile.
My mom got the kids umbrellas a few years ago, which mostly get used for playing in our house, as seen in this funny pic of Kid Catastrophe showing her penchant for dress up.