Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Other Super Hero Aliases-- "Grubby Girl"

Among Quisqueya's other super hero powers, the "Grubby Girl" alter ego allows to her find any open dirt in the vicinity, and cover herself with it almost immediately. Vance is glad to help, but he is not nearly as enthusiastic or proficient as our "Grubby Girl" can be.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A little about our superheroes' "home support team", i. e. pets

Superheroes cannot leave home on missions if they do not feel it is properly defended. For this, Danger Boy and Kid Catastrophe have a crack squad to defend the home front while they are away and lend support when they are in house unwinding. On that note we would like to introduce:
Slinkerton Spycat, AKA "Psycho Jungle Cat" and "Angry Cat"
Powers: lulling people in while showing her belly and then extracting a pint of blood via sneak attack, bullying other cats endlessly, charging perceived strangers

Periwinkle, AKA "Ghost Cat" or "Jumpy Cat"
Powers: being invisible when people are around, asking "Am I cute?" incessantly

Nutmeg, AKA "Laid-back Cat" or (presently) "Invisible Cat"
Powers: being thick skinned and allowing overattentive 4 year olds to pester and manhandle her

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"I've Got a Secret!" AKA-The Red Hatted Pirates Game

You miss the first part of this game, where the kids run to the back room, and come out wearing red hats and saying "AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!" like pirates. Vance also yells "I've got a secret" over and over as they race around the house like the mad little children that they are. Erik tried to get a video of it the second time they played, but you don't get the full effect!

In unrelated question news--Why can't my kids ever play a game together without bonking together their gigantic heads???

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


What is it with kids and water? My crazy kids can't even stay away from a puddle, let alone any body of water we wander near. I have trouble keeping Vance dry from our house to the bus stop (only a block away). But who can resist the sight of two kids playing in water? Here are some pics from our summer trip to Minneapolis, and Minnehaha Falls.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Adventures of Danger Boy & Kid Catastrophe With Their Sidekicks Tired Mom & Paranoid Dad

Stay tuned for daring adventures, fun pictures, and even funnier stories about the fantastic crime fighting team "DANGER BOY & KID CATASTROPHE"! Very little will be mentioned about the less illustrious sidekicks, Tired Mom & Paranoid Dad.

Erik asked Vance the other day, while we were talking about animals (Vance's favorite subject),

"Do you have a tail Vance?"

"No, I have a bottom." Vance said matter of factly.

We think Quisqueya has her first crush. Our neighbor's grandson, TJ, is over all the time. I went to put Quis Bear down for a nap the other day while TJ was over, and she yelled "MY TJ, MY TJ, MY TJ!!!" all the way up the stairs while crying. It would have been heartbreaking, if it wasn't so funny ;)