Monday, September 22, 2008

The Adventures of Danger Boy & Kid Catastrophe With Their Sidekicks Tired Mom & Paranoid Dad

Stay tuned for daring adventures, fun pictures, and even funnier stories about the fantastic crime fighting team "DANGER BOY & KID CATASTROPHE"! Very little will be mentioned about the less illustrious sidekicks, Tired Mom & Paranoid Dad.

Erik asked Vance the other day, while we were talking about animals (Vance's favorite subject),

"Do you have a tail Vance?"

"No, I have a bottom." Vance said matter of factly.

We think Quisqueya has her first crush. Our neighbor's grandson, TJ, is over all the time. I went to put Quis Bear down for a nap the other day while TJ was over, and she yelled "MY TJ, MY TJ, MY TJ!!!" all the way up the stairs while crying. It would have been heartbreaking, if it wasn't so funny ;)


lizS said...

oh, my! the first crush! i do believe jonni's was daniel. erik just loves all girls, period. no particular one yet, but all in fervent equality. hmmm, wonder where he gets THAT from?...

Danielle said...

Cute! I love it!

The Marinator said...

Superhero kids! Great idea!

"No, I have a bottom!" So cute!