Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Danger Boy had seriously out of control hair and has been needing a hair cut for at least a month. Tired Mom finally tied him to a chair and got out the electric clippers and haircutting scissors. It took some time, but we tamed the wild mane into a decent hair cut. After 7 or so years of cutting Danger Boy's hair, Tired Mom still feels inadequate with her hair cutting skills (it always looks better when it has grown out for a week or two!).
Kid Catastrophe decided to get in on the crazy hair cutting action. I was trimming the back of her hair when she told me she wanted something else. She said, "I want my hair over on my forehead, like this (showed me pulling her hair forward) but not in my eyes." Tired Mom took a minute to figure out what she was trying to tell me. "Oh BANGS! You want bangs!" So, Kid Catastrophe got her first bangs. It's hard to tell from this gloomy picture we took this morning, but they came out super cute!
This is just a random pic of Miss Mayhem playing with her big sister's pink cape. She likes fabric that is sleek and soft like this to rub on her face while she sucks her thumb. She has a cuddle blanket in her crib that has the same texture, so I think that's what it reminds her of.

Can you believe I blogged two days in a row? More craziness!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Super Warm January

Who gets a day in the 50's in the middle of January? The Super Kids do! Plus, it happened to be a school holiday to boot! How cool is that? This warranted a trip to park we don't go to very often because it is one town over.

Kid Catastrophe always seems to like these talkie things at the parks we go to. So far, she has not convinced anyone to play with the other side with her. Keep trying KC!

Miss Mayhem pretty much stayed to the slide side of this big park toy.

Miss Mayhem also had fun exploring a giant hippo. It seemed to be made for someone of her small stature.
Tired Mom is always so glad Kid Catastrophe and Danger Boy still play together most of the time. They shared the bouncy yellow airplane in this shot.

Danger Boy brought his usual entourage of toys to play with while he was there.
Ta da! Here's my sister's bottom!
Miss Mayhem is always fun to watch on slides. She likes to try different ways to climb up and slide down! Miss Mayhem discovered a throne like swing made just for her. Fetch me some more strawberries peasants!
Kid Catastrophe was having fun playing with another little girl. She started playing on the swings like this when the other little girl was doing it.
It's too bad Danger Boy still does not like his picture taken. He was literally asking, "mom why are you taking my picture again?" as I was taking this picture. Sorry Danger Boy, it's in my job description right under changing diapers and making the foooooood.
Today was even more wonderful than these pictures!

The only thing that marred the day wasTired Mom getting a ticket for rolling through a stop sign on the way to the park. Although, the kids thought that was pretty fascinating since they had never been in the car when I have been pulled over by a police officer before! Ah well, it's been a good 10 years since I have had to pay for a ticket, so I guess it was about time ;)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Post Christmas Let Down

We are all so very sad that Christmas is over (SQUEE!) and that all we have left is approximately 1 million new toys and a house full of sad sad children. This is just a small portion of the loot the kids hauled in this Christmas.Kid Catastrophe was morbidly depressed to have a new tea set after begging for one for a year.
Miss Mayhem has not stopped crying since she got this new ball. She's crying in this picture, you just can't tell. She definitely is NOT enjoying pretending that she is working out on her little ball like Tired Mom does on her own exercise ball.
Here's another very upsetting picture of a toddler obviously in the throes of grief. She's hiding her pain behind those sunglasses.
Although Danger Boy looks ecstatically happy in this picture as he added copious amounts of toys to his Green Lantern collection, he's actually gone insane with the morbid horror of the knowledge that Christmas is over.

In other news, even if I suddenly got amnesia, I'm pretty sure I would know that I have kids just from looking at the kitchen table on any given day!!!