Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Danger Boy had seriously out of control hair and has been needing a hair cut for at least a month. Tired Mom finally tied him to a chair and got out the electric clippers and haircutting scissors. It took some time, but we tamed the wild mane into a decent hair cut. After 7 or so years of cutting Danger Boy's hair, Tired Mom still feels inadequate with her hair cutting skills (it always looks better when it has grown out for a week or two!).
Kid Catastrophe decided to get in on the crazy hair cutting action. I was trimming the back of her hair when she told me she wanted something else. She said, "I want my hair over on my forehead, like this (showed me pulling her hair forward) but not in my eyes." Tired Mom took a minute to figure out what she was trying to tell me. "Oh BANGS! You want bangs!" So, Kid Catastrophe got her first bangs. It's hard to tell from this gloomy picture we took this morning, but they came out super cute!
This is just a random pic of Miss Mayhem playing with her big sister's pink cape. She likes fabric that is sleek and soft like this to rub on her face while she sucks her thumb. She has a cuddle blanket in her crib that has the same texture, so I think that's what it reminds her of.

Can you believe I blogged two days in a row? More craziness!


Mumblefaery said...

Awe, QQ looks cute with bangs! And I also have that strange obsession with smooth fabrics like Sorsha. :)

AmandaPanda said...

Way to go, Tired Mom! Fantastic haircuts!

Renae said...

Good job. I am afraid of doing haircuts. I make Bruce do them mostly.

timpani76 said...

Ah, another thing I can blame on Aunt Danielle ;)