Friday, September 14, 2012

Miss Mayhem VS The Pottty

My baby girl is becoming my big girl, and one more step in that journey is learning how to use the potty. She loves to sit on her Blue's Clues insert for the toilet, but she is not as enthusiastic about the potty chairs.

Another one of her favorite parts is using the sink to wash her hands afterwards!

We mostly use the bare bottom method for potty training, which means some days Miss Mayhem just chills out naked! We are slowly transitioning to her Dora panties (she loves Dora!) and hopefully then on to pants and everything (with colder weather coming).
The best part of this adventure is how much Miss Mayhem likes the process! She has very few accidents after 3 weeks of training, and she is still so happy each time she goes to the bathroom on the toilet. Her only problem area seems to be outside. She does not like to use the outside potty chair, so accidents happen more often outside.

Tired Mom especially loves how she claps and says "yay"! each time she goes. Such a happy potty training experience for everyone!