Friday, January 29, 2010

Kid Catastrophe- New Super Power!

We are trying to get Kid Catastrophe to learn as many new skills as possible before the Amazing Bump enters the world. Well, this week, she learned how to open our strongly magnetized refrigerator door. Yay! She has to put her foot on the freezer door, and use two hands (see pic). Tired Mom has to get up less, and KC does not whine as much when she wants something because she knows she can get it on her own now. She has also learned to turn on the kitchen faucet by herself, to get herself a drink, and she finally got over her stubbornness a few months ago and will wipe her own bottom now. She always could, she was just weird about it. Next step- switching to a booster seat that she will buckle herself!!!

She also learned how to pull out the drawer, and put it back in, to get herself some fruit. That drawer does stick, and I have a hard time with it sometimes, so I was surprised she did it after one try!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Minor Floods and Other Kid Caused Disasters

This first photo is a reminder to my horrible little monster children that flooding the upstairs sink until it comes down in bucket loads into the back room is bad. They have been sitting in their chairs for half an hour, and will stay there another half hour until there father gets home.

I usually only spank my kids one or two times when they are bad, they each got five smacks for this minor disaster area they created. Tired Mom was just starting to feel better today to after getting strep throat for the second time.

Here's the pipe that connects to the upstairs bathroom that lets the water out.
Here's the nasty water that is currently still dripping into buckets. The kids also went through four towels helping me clean up what came down before I could empty toys out of the buckets.
What's the jail time for murder again?

Friday, January 15, 2010

What's G-New

Here's the happs around our house. Paranoid Dad always says "gnew" instead of "new", just so you get the inside joke on the title.

Kid Catastrophe says, "I will do it later (way-ter), probabwee tomorrow." all the time now. I'm not sure she understands what tomorrow means yet, but it's cute ;)

Tired Mom is blowing up like the good year blimp, as usual. Isn't it cute how Kid Catastrophe is touching her belly too?

Danger Boy is too cool showing off the dinosaur watch he got from Grandma.
The kids are too cute in their Christmas finery.
Funny face ;)
You can't see her, but they kids are having fun playing with Aunt Danielle in this picture.
Aunt Danielle trying to eat the kids. Ok, maybe just tickling them!

And, one last pic just because I think Kid Catastrophe looks stinkin cute in her snow pants! We had a great Christmas with lots of presents. Tired Mom continues to grow The Amazing Bump, and the kids are as cute as ever!

Monday, January 11, 2010

RIP Slinkerton Spycat (Super Cat, Side Kick, Friend)

With Christmas, and me and the kids getting sick, I forgot that we lost one of our Super Cats a few weeks ago. She was psycho, she attacked people who came to our house for no reason, and she sometimes scared the Super Kids with her glowing eyes and tendency to lurk in shadows, but we loved her and she was our friend.

This is Slinky laying on her back to lull you into a fall sense of security. (pet my soft, wonderful belly, pet me pet pet me pet me....HA YOU HAND IS NOW MY TROPHY!!!)
Our other cats also never have "laser eyes" like Slinks did. We'll miss you old (and sometimes scary) friend!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let It Snow!

I love all this snow! I always say, if it's cold, there should be snow! Danger Boy & Kid Catastrophe have been sick (as well as Tired Mom) with strep throat, so we have not enjoyed it as much as we could have (yet!). Next, sledding! (hopefully).

Of course, they brought toys to play in the snow!
Check out Danger Boy's shark mittens. Cool, huh?
Kid Catastrophe kept trying to keep both pairs of pants she was wearing tucked in (we solved this problem later by finding her snow pants).
Nutmeg braved the cold to play with the kids for a little while. Crazy Cat!