Friday, January 29, 2010

Kid Catastrophe- New Super Power!

We are trying to get Kid Catastrophe to learn as many new skills as possible before the Amazing Bump enters the world. Well, this week, she learned how to open our strongly magnetized refrigerator door. Yay! She has to put her foot on the freezer door, and use two hands (see pic). Tired Mom has to get up less, and KC does not whine as much when she wants something because she knows she can get it on her own now. She has also learned to turn on the kitchen faucet by herself, to get herself a drink, and she finally got over her stubbornness a few months ago and will wipe her own bottom now. She always could, she was just weird about it. Next step- switching to a booster seat that she will buckle herself!!!

She also learned how to pull out the drawer, and put it back in, to get herself some fruit. That drawer does stick, and I have a hard time with it sometimes, so I was surprised she did it after one try!


Renae said...

Yay for new powers and more independence!

lizS said...

i remember jonni having to learn more independant things when erik was coming too. good for qq!