Monday, January 11, 2010

RIP Slinkerton Spycat (Super Cat, Side Kick, Friend)

With Christmas, and me and the kids getting sick, I forgot that we lost one of our Super Cats a few weeks ago. She was psycho, she attacked people who came to our house for no reason, and she sometimes scared the Super Kids with her glowing eyes and tendency to lurk in shadows, but we loved her and she was our friend.

This is Slinky laying on her back to lull you into a fall sense of security. (pet my soft, wonderful belly, pet me pet pet me pet me....HA YOU HAND IS NOW MY TROPHY!!!)
Our other cats also never have "laser eyes" like Slinks did. We'll miss you old (and sometimes scary) friend!


Renae said...

I wonder if she was especially good at seeing in the dark. It seems she had extra of those things that reflect light in the back of her eyes. Sorry you lost your psycho cat!

timpani76 said...

I know! None of my other cats have glowing eyes like that. She also had mostly black eyes, like you could barely see her whites, so I wonder if that was part of it.