Friday, January 15, 2010

What's G-New

Here's the happs around our house. Paranoid Dad always says "gnew" instead of "new", just so you get the inside joke on the title.

Kid Catastrophe says, "I will do it later (way-ter), probabwee tomorrow." all the time now. I'm not sure she understands what tomorrow means yet, but it's cute ;)

Tired Mom is blowing up like the good year blimp, as usual. Isn't it cute how Kid Catastrophe is touching her belly too?

Danger Boy is too cool showing off the dinosaur watch he got from Grandma.
The kids are too cute in their Christmas finery.
Funny face ;)
You can't see her, but they kids are having fun playing with Aunt Danielle in this picture.
Aunt Danielle trying to eat the kids. Ok, maybe just tickling them!

And, one last pic just because I think Kid Catastrophe looks stinkin cute in her snow pants! We had a great Christmas with lots of presents. Tired Mom continues to grow The Amazing Bump, and the kids are as cute as ever!

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