Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sick of Being Sick

Winter needs to DIE! Danger Boy is sick AGAIN with 101 fever. He was sick two weeks ago with the stomach flu, he might have had pink eye, and strep throat before that, and the flu (swine flu? maybe) before that! Tired Mom got about half of those, and so did Kid Catastrophe. Kid Catastrophe does seem to have my natural immunity to the flu (so far, knock on wood), so she has not been as sick as Danger Boy this winter. The boy has missed at least 15 days of school this year. Although, the stomach flu came the Sunday before President's Day and this illness happened today, and he is off school tomorrow for Casimir Pulaski Day. Hopefully, he will not miss any school with this latest illness.

ANNNDDDDD, Paranoid Dad has finally succumbed to illness and has been coughing his brains out for days. I'm sure one of us will get this horrible new affliction soon as well. GGGGGAAAAHHHHH!!!

Nutmeg, as always, on the job taking care of the sick boy.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I definitely prefer snow....

I guess it's better than what my kids have been doing all winter though...

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Tired Mom became Super Mom for a busy Wednesday. I baked two loaves of banana banana bread, and one batch of muffins (all from the same triple batch of batter). Then, I found a small children friendly family home evening lesson and made a puzzle from the thing you're supposed to cut out from the magazine. I just cut out the blurbs, and then glued the house/puzzle part to cardboard backing to make the visual part of the lesson (see below).

The topic of the lesson was "Happy Home" it was in the November 2009 Friend. Danger Boy was able to participate and actually paid attention! Kid Catastrophe, not so much. Oh well, we'll work on her powers of concentration as she gets older.

Paranoid Dad did his part and picked up some cupcakes from Quik Trip on his way home from work. Yay for family home evening treats!
Then, the kids, Nutmeg, and dad piled on the couch to watch a show and end the evening. I love family home evening! I always feel like a SUPER FAMILY after wards.
(Random silly picture of Nutmeg. Super power- contortionist sleeping!!!)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who Writes This Stuff?

The Amazing Bump was having a kickfest the other other night. My bladder=soccer ball. It was starting to get uncomfortable, and I was grimacing. Danger Boy asks, "what's wrong mama?" I told him that the baby was kicking me, and it was hurting a little. DB leans over my belly and yells, "BABY, STOP KICKING MAMA!!!" (on a side note- is it weird that both my kids still call me "mama" instead of mom or mommy or mother? My mom thought it was funny, since she says most kids don't).

I read the book "What to Expect When You are Expecting" when I'm pregnant because it is a good book full of all things I can't do (really, it's called the Pregnancy Bible by most people I know). I think I will re-name it "The Book of the Forbidden"! Anyway, I read this little blurb the other day and almost threw the book across the room:

Making a habit of not urinating when you feel
the need increases the risk that your inflamed
bladder may irritate the uterus and set off contractions,
so don't hold it in. When you gotta go, go....promptly.

Don't hold it in? Are you kidding me? So, at night, when I still feel the urge to pee (whether I have to go or not) I should get up every 15 minutes to walk to the potty and try to go pee? Who freakin writes this stuff? Were you ever pregnant? Do you remember how the baby's head is resting right on the bladder? Geez, like I don't have enough to worry about without wondering if my urge to pee is going to irritate my uterus and set off contractions! Ok, rant over.

Random poll for whoever reads this: Do you remember anything from any pregnancy books that you read that really ticked you off? For husbands, what pregnancy no no or supposed no no really ticked you off?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Amazing Bump- We're Ready For You!!!

Tired Mom has been working, well, tirelessly, to get Kid Catastrophe moved in Danger Boy's room, and then to get the new nursery ready for the arrival of the Amazing Bump. Today was the final day of washing all the clothes that Tired Mom had to go through and to get them put in the changing table/ dresser. Nutmeg was posing for this shot, not sure why. Maybe he would like everyone to know he is also ready for the new baby since he spends so much time on my lap with his head right next to the baby?
KC has her stuff all on the right, and all DB's stuff is on the left. They've messed the room up pretty good, but you get the main idea. I think the room looks better this way? Not sure why.

Here's the kids with their heads on my belly.
Kids with their hands on my belly.
Just KC with her head on my belly.
Plus, Danger Boy got a new hair cut since the "shaggy look" was getting on my nerves! I think I'm getting better at cutting the kid's hair?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dinosaur Boy and The Princess-Other Super Aliases

Among Danger Boy's many aliases is "Dinosaur Boy" which he gets called at school, he says. Every Tuesday he brings home a dinosaur book from the library at school and we read over it. Here's a picture of DB (ha! it works with both names!) reading his latest library find. We also have a toy room that seems constantly over run with herds of dinosaurs.
Kid Catastrophe, on the other hand, enjoys being any kind of princess lately. We found her old Cinderella costume from Halloween and she has been putting it on over her clothes for two days. We watched Cinderella today too. She keeps talking about getting hair like Cinderella. Someday sweetie! She also has a giraffe that she put the dress on today which she called "Princess Lonely (or Lowly) Giraffe". She thinks Lonely/Lowly Giraffe is a girl, but DB disagrees with her.