Thursday, February 18, 2010


Tired Mom became Super Mom for a busy Wednesday. I baked two loaves of banana banana bread, and one batch of muffins (all from the same triple batch of batter). Then, I found a small children friendly family home evening lesson and made a puzzle from the thing you're supposed to cut out from the magazine. I just cut out the blurbs, and then glued the house/puzzle part to cardboard backing to make the visual part of the lesson (see below).

The topic of the lesson was "Happy Home" it was in the November 2009 Friend. Danger Boy was able to participate and actually paid attention! Kid Catastrophe, not so much. Oh well, we'll work on her powers of concentration as she gets older.

Paranoid Dad did his part and picked up some cupcakes from Quik Trip on his way home from work. Yay for family home evening treats!
Then, the kids, Nutmeg, and dad piled on the couch to watch a show and end the evening. I love family home evening! I always feel like a SUPER FAMILY after wards.
(Random silly picture of Nutmeg. Super power- contortionist sleeping!!!)


Renae said...

I love how energetic you are and how you are such a hard worker. You go girl!

lizS said...

awesome fhe!! great job!

Dana Cheryl said...

You go Super Mom!!

I'd bet it's just so neat that DB is participating in fhe. I'm sure that changes the dynamic quite a bit.

So fun!