Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dinosaur Boy and The Princess-Other Super Aliases

Among Danger Boy's many aliases is "Dinosaur Boy" which he gets called at school, he says. Every Tuesday he brings home a dinosaur book from the library at school and we read over it. Here's a picture of DB (ha! it works with both names!) reading his latest library find. We also have a toy room that seems constantly over run with herds of dinosaurs.
Kid Catastrophe, on the other hand, enjoys being any kind of princess lately. We found her old Cinderella costume from Halloween and she has been putting it on over her clothes for two days. We watched Cinderella today too. She keeps talking about getting hair like Cinderella. Someday sweetie! She also has a giraffe that she put the dress on today which she called "Princess Lonely (or Lowly) Giraffe". She thinks Lonely/Lowly Giraffe is a girl, but DB disagrees with her.

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Renae said...

Cute! I miss the "princess days!"