Thursday, November 8, 2012

Adventures in Pregnancy

30 weeks already!! This photo is actually from 28 weeks pregnant, but Tired Mom (me) is now at 30 weeks. Teague is a calm little baby so far. He reminds me more of how Kid Catastrophe was in the womb. Danger Boy and Miss Mayhem were similar (super active) pregnancies as well. I have had many adventures so far with this pregnancy. Including: an abnormal ultrasound, that then turned out normal when a Level 2 Ultrasounds was performed. I have also had sciatica and pelvic pain (re-occuring since this is the third pregnancy I have had it) which is mostly cured by pregnancy yoga. Yay for healthy ways of dealing with pregnancy painsI have declared this my healthiest pregnancy so far since I have also been able to keep running so long! 30 weeks and still running 2-3 times a week. I was only able to last until 28 weeks with running with Miss Mayhem. I attribute it to keeping more fit overall with 3 strength workouts a week, plus gaining less weight this time around due to the doctor putting me on the diabetic diet right away (although I my blood sugar is testing normal for now). Everyone keep their fingers crossed that my blood sugars keep testing normal!