Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Happenings

Thursday- fun at my mom's house with (step) cousin Allison. We got dressed up, and Paranoid Dad had some trouble getting a good pic of all of us. Oh well! The other pic is just a funny pic of Danger Boy reading a book. Kid Catastrophe got some TLC from Allison in the way of getting her hair fixed. KC loves all things girly, so she was over the moon. She's also a big Allison groupy, so Allison does not really have to try hard anyway.

Friday- Thanksgiving, Part 2- off to Mark & Jean's house (without our camera) for super yummy Jean cooking. She really goes all out for her "friend's thanksgiving". Mark helps too ;) The kids had fun with 2 year old Zoey, and Karen & Brian's little girl Emma.

Saturday- Tired Mom went off to do a little work on her car (with the ever trusty Renae alongside, and Trent too!). Everything went well, and the kids looked pretty happy to see the "new" car on Sunday morning. Danger Boy said first thing, "can we put toys in it?????" Of course, Tired Mom said "heck yes!" Thanks again to Uncle John & Aunt Liz!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Family Home Evening

We recently (and I guess finally) started doing family home evening a few months ago. We literally could not find a night until then. Last night, Paranoid Dad gave a lesson on Nature. Danger Boy helpfully interjected, "I ate my fingernail at school today!" Not sure what that had to do about nature ;)

Today, Kid Catastrophe was standing on the back of the couch looking out the window. I saw her rubbing something on the window, which I guessed was her spit. I yelled, "Stop spitting on the window!" KC said back, "I'm not spitting, I'm just licking the window!" Yep, that's actually worse little talking back girl.

Root beer floats! The best treat to end family home evening with ;)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Omen of Things to Come?

Hopefully not ;)

Kid Catastrophe & Captain Justice are walking down my friend's stairs talking.
"I'm getting taller!" CJ says.
"Yeah, me too." KC replies.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vance's Dinosaur Birthday Part 2

Everyone had lots of fun at Danger Boy's "family birthday party". Granny got Vance a drum set. Not sure where she got this idea.

Grandma got DB the appropriate dinosaur themed gift....
But not before she cursed the wrapping paper and card with the mark of the beast!!! (screeeeeeeeeeescreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeescreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
Tired Mom still rules at homemade cake decorating (rah!)

Blowing out the birthday candles at the family birthday party.

Here's wishing for many more happy birthdays for the best boy ever!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Vance's Dinosaur Birthday Part 1

Danger Boy's birthday was today, and he had so much fun! He got a crown at school and got to be "top banana" (bring a toy for show and tell, and give out the snacks, etc.). He got a bloody nose on his birthday though ;(
We had presents, cupcakes, and decorations to get ready for Vance's first birthday party for all his friends.

Vance got lots of really great toys that he and the kids all played with!
Thanks for Payson (Ashlyn), Camden, Shannon, Cooper, Justice (and Clayton) all for coming and bringing presents!

At the end of the night, a tired birthday boy got to wear his dinosaur pajamas he got from Tired Mom & Paranoid Dad!

Thursday, November 5, 2009



I found this place inside
It started beating not too long ago
I stretch out just a bit, and feel...
Hands, toes, something feeding into my belly
I wiggle around some more and feel myself surrounded by soft warmth
If only I could understand a little better
I remember where I was before
Happy, at perfect peace, but without this body
I hear her voice above me, and I feel so much love already
I hear other voices, little voices, so close to me
I feel a gentle pressure, now and again
And the little voices are talking to me
Light invades, sometimes, and it scares me
How long will I be swimming inside her?
The little voices seem to beckon me to come out and play with them
Is there really so much out there?
Or is this body I have just a dream?

(Tired Mom hasn't written a poem in awhile, but I think the Amazing Bump was talking to me yesterday)