Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Family Home Evening

We recently (and I guess finally) started doing family home evening a few months ago. We literally could not find a night until then. Last night, Paranoid Dad gave a lesson on Nature. Danger Boy helpfully interjected, "I ate my fingernail at school today!" Not sure what that had to do about nature ;)

Today, Kid Catastrophe was standing on the back of the couch looking out the window. I saw her rubbing something on the window, which I guessed was her spit. I yelled, "Stop spitting on the window!" KC said back, "I'm not spitting, I'm just licking the window!" Yep, that's actually worse little talking back girl.

Root beer floats! The best treat to end family home evening with ;)


Eyepoke said...

Nature is garbage.

timpani76 said...

Only you John would only comment once a year on my kid's blog and then say mean things. I hate you and hope you die horribly!

Karen said...

Good for you guys! We need to start doing that....And that root beer float looks AMAZING.

Dana Cheryl said...

Ooh the next time I visit can we make floats?! :)