Thursday, February 4, 2010

Amazing Bump- We're Ready For You!!!

Tired Mom has been working, well, tirelessly, to get Kid Catastrophe moved in Danger Boy's room, and then to get the new nursery ready for the arrival of the Amazing Bump. Today was the final day of washing all the clothes that Tired Mom had to go through and to get them put in the changing table/ dresser. Nutmeg was posing for this shot, not sure why. Maybe he would like everyone to know he is also ready for the new baby since he spends so much time on my lap with his head right next to the baby?
KC has her stuff all on the right, and all DB's stuff is on the left. They've messed the room up pretty good, but you get the main idea. I think the room looks better this way? Not sure why.

Here's the kids with their heads on my belly.
Kids with their hands on my belly.
Just KC with her head on my belly.
Plus, Danger Boy got a new hair cut since the "shaggy look" was getting on my nerves! I think I'm getting better at cutting the kid's hair?


Renae said...

Cute nursery! I wish I could cut hair!

Dana Cheryl said...

Wow! You cut hair too? What don't you do?!

Dana Cheryl said...

Hey Supermom!!

Really, I'm amazed at all you do...

Zoo keeper
Fitness buff

I have a question about the zoo keeping part of your job.

I had a conversation with a lady the other day and she said that cats are bad to have around babies. Of course, this lady is really much more a dog person & she's older so I think this may be some old wives tale. However, the conversation made me wonder if you ever had a problem with having both cats & babies.

timpani76 said...

I'm thinking my OB would have asked if cats were really a danger? It seems like not only an old wives tale, but one that still gets repeated too much.

The only thing the OB told me when she asked if I had cats was if someone else change the litter box. Erik takes that over the second I get pregnant, so no danger there. There is a rare disease called Toxoplasmosis that you can get from cat poop while you are pregnant. So, no litter changing (and I soooooo miss it too!).

My allergist actually told me it's good to have a cat or a dog in the house when babies are growing up because it can prevent animal allergies later in life. So, maybe cats (and dogs) are actually good for babies?

Dana Cheryl said...

Thx T for giving me some expert advice to quote the next time this subject comes up. I consider any mom who has raised kids with cats to be an expert on the subject.

I really love my cat(I'll post about him soon) and my dog. I have no intention what so ever of giving up either when the day comes to have kiddos.

It makes total sense that having animals in the house would help prevent future allergies.

So pretty much it just comes down to not having to clean the litter pan! That rocks!! You get to enjoy all the greatness of having a cat with no clean up. I should get married & start having babies. :)