Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sick of Being Sick

Winter needs to DIE! Danger Boy is sick AGAIN with 101 fever. He was sick two weeks ago with the stomach flu, he might have had pink eye, and strep throat before that, and the flu (swine flu? maybe) before that! Tired Mom got about half of those, and so did Kid Catastrophe. Kid Catastrophe does seem to have my natural immunity to the flu (so far, knock on wood), so she has not been as sick as Danger Boy this winter. The boy has missed at least 15 days of school this year. Although, the stomach flu came the Sunday before President's Day and this illness happened today, and he is off school tomorrow for Casimir Pulaski Day. Hopefully, he will not miss any school with this latest illness.

ANNNDDDDD, Paranoid Dad has finally succumbed to illness and has been coughing his brains out for days. I'm sure one of us will get this horrible new affliction soon as well. GGGGGAAAAHHHHH!!!

Nutmeg, as always, on the job taking care of the sick boy.


Dana Cheryl said...

Oh bless his heart! He looks sick. It's awful to see something that just looks like they feel terrible. (Especially when the someone is a kiddo.) I sure hope you don't get it. You've been sick enough T.

Winter needs to die!!!

Renae said...

I think we should protest winter!

lizS said...

i'm with you guys! my folks are sick right now as well. we need SPRING!!