Friday, January 22, 2010

Minor Floods and Other Kid Caused Disasters

This first photo is a reminder to my horrible little monster children that flooding the upstairs sink until it comes down in bucket loads into the back room is bad. They have been sitting in their chairs for half an hour, and will stay there another half hour until there father gets home.

I usually only spank my kids one or two times when they are bad, they each got five smacks for this minor disaster area they created. Tired Mom was just starting to feel better today to after getting strep throat for the second time.

Here's the pipe that connects to the upstairs bathroom that lets the water out.
Here's the nasty water that is currently still dripping into buckets. The kids also went through four towels helping me clean up what came down before I could empty toys out of the buckets.
What's the jail time for murder again?


pie-seas79 said...

Oh my, oh my!!! I think you reacted appropriately. that is one of those times where I would have let a few choice words slip as well! haha!

Renae said...


lizS said...

wow. that's all i have to say. just, wow.