Saturday, January 7, 2012

Post Christmas Let Down

We are all so very sad that Christmas is over (SQUEE!) and that all we have left is approximately 1 million new toys and a house full of sad sad children. This is just a small portion of the loot the kids hauled in this Christmas.Kid Catastrophe was morbidly depressed to have a new tea set after begging for one for a year.
Miss Mayhem has not stopped crying since she got this new ball. She's crying in this picture, you just can't tell. She definitely is NOT enjoying pretending that she is working out on her little ball like Tired Mom does on her own exercise ball.
Here's another very upsetting picture of a toddler obviously in the throes of grief. She's hiding her pain behind those sunglasses.
Although Danger Boy looks ecstatically happy in this picture as he added copious amounts of toys to his Green Lantern collection, he's actually gone insane with the morbid horror of the knowledge that Christmas is over.

In other news, even if I suddenly got amnesia, I'm pretty sure I would know that I have kids just from looking at the kitchen table on any given day!!!

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