Saturday, September 27, 2008

A little about our superheroes' "home support team", i. e. pets

Superheroes cannot leave home on missions if they do not feel it is properly defended. For this, Danger Boy and Kid Catastrophe have a crack squad to defend the home front while they are away and lend support when they are in house unwinding. On that note we would like to introduce:
Slinkerton Spycat, AKA "Psycho Jungle Cat" and "Angry Cat"
Powers: lulling people in while showing her belly and then extracting a pint of blood via sneak attack, bullying other cats endlessly, charging perceived strangers

Periwinkle, AKA "Ghost Cat" or "Jumpy Cat"
Powers: being invisible when people are around, asking "Am I cute?" incessantly

Nutmeg, AKA "Laid-back Cat" or (presently) "Invisible Cat"
Powers: being thick skinned and allowing overattentive 4 year olds to pester and manhandle her


The Marinator said...

I didn't realize there were other members of your super team. It's nice to finally meet them. Is this the whole league or are there more to be introduced into the series?

Renae said...

I love all of your superhero names. I miss having cats! I had the best cat ever for 13 years. I still miss her. However, I can never have another cat again. Both Lydia and I are allergic, and that last year or so with Marius and her peaing everywhere was not so pleasant. I still adore cats though. Sigh.

timpani76 said...

I think the three cats are the last of the "home support team" for a while. We only picked up Nutmeg because she actually LIKES Vance. And considering how rough Vance is, that makes this cat a SUPERCAT in my book.

Have you ever thought about outdoor cats Renae? I had a series of outdoor cats when I lived at my mom's house. They only lived 3-4 years, but we also lived near coyotes, and there were lots of chicken hawks out there that could have killed them too.

Anonymous said...

you got a third cat? one that likes vance? that's awesome! we'll have to come meet her. (him?) i love cats. i love that we got one finally. it just makes home more...homey.

timpani76 said...

Nutmeg is the coolest Liz! You will have to meet her. My only worry is that she WAS an outdoor cat and might be hard to get to "go" in the litter box :O

The Marinator said...

When did you get Nutmeg? She must be new?

The Marinator said...

Oh yeah, also, I want to see something about your super villains soon. We've met the heroes, it's time for bad guys! :)

timpani76 said...

We got Nutmeg when the neighbors moved out and left a momma cat and a litter of half grown kittens behind (Nutmeg being one of the half grown kittens). She kept following us home from the bus stop. When I stopped to talk to neighbor lady (which took half an hour!)

Vance played with Nutmeg the whole time, and Nutmeg seemed to like it! I decided that she was the perfect cat for kids at that point, and since she had been abandoned for 4-5 days by then, we snatched her up!

timpani76 said...

Oh, and Slinkterton is very often the "villain" in our house as she is a vicious witch of a cat who only likes me, and sometimes not even me ;)