Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kid Catastrophe Preschooling Down While Danger Boy 1st Grades It Up

Kid Catstrophe started preschool two days ago, and already seems to be enjoying it. She's been wanting to join Vance's classes since she was 2, but Tired Mom was not so sure how she would do without Big Brother to help her with her shyness. This year, she made leaps and bounds in outgrowing her shrinking violet tendencies, so preschool seemed like a good choice.

She got to ride a bus for the first time at the preschool orientation, and loved it. She won't ride the bus this year, but she'll get to ride it for field trips. We also have a friend from church in the same class as her, so she already knows someone in the class.

Here she is SUPER EXCITED to be riding on a bus. She loved all the princess pictures above the bus windows (look mama! Ariel! look mama! Sleeping Beauty!)
Danger Boy started 1st grade a few weeks ago, and seems to be getting into it so far. He talks mostly about who he plays with at recess. We had a "Meet the Teacher" night at his school where the whole family got a picnic dinner, and then we met his teacher for the year. She seems like a really nice lady who has been teaching at his school for 25 years.
Here's Danger Boy showing off his tough boy face. Grrrr mommy, put down that camera and face my dinosaur!

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