Monday, October 10, 2011

Miss Mayhem Has Mad Skills

Besides the obvious extreme cuteness skill, Miss Mayhem seems to pick up something new everyday. These range from annoying, like learning to lift the toilet lid and the trashcan lid, to wonderful, like learning to carry her little plastic chair around the house to she can sit at various locations. Her chair at home is white, but she found this red one during a recent visit to Granny Ma's house.

Miss Mayhem loves to play with cans. I purposely leave several cabinets open at her level just so she can get out her cans to play with.

I also love this wide open mouth that she gives me every time I turn the camera on her. Is that her version of a really big smile? She is picking up words, and more signs all the time. She also continues to wow all the sales clerks and old ladies at the grocery store with her ability to blow kisses and wave bye bye.

Who can resist the super cuteness of this baby?


AmandaPanda said...

You said she is picking up more words and signs... do you mean sign language? I did that with my kids.

timpani76 said...

Yep, sign language. She's picking up sign language more quickly than new speaking words at this point, but I'm sure that will change soon ;)