Thursday, October 13, 2011

Miss Mayhem Speaks Out

I'm letting you dress me mom, not because it's "for my own good" or whatever, but because I know you will throw such a tantrum if I don't let you!

Yes, mother, I know that you will change my diaper no matter how much I kick you, but I just enjoy kicking while I'm laying on my back. It's more fun if I have something to kick, like your stomach. Come on! It's soft and squishy. I know I could lay on my back and kick some other time, but I always forget until you put me on my back. I'm a baby, so I don't think of these things!

I like to come and talk to you while you are sitting on the potty because you are closer to my level. It's much harder for me to stick my finger up your nose when you are in a regular chair.

Wait, I thought these were "my" diapers. So, why can't I scatter them across the living room floor?

The car seat is scary! Why do you keep putting me in there? NOOOOO!!!!

But, I want to play with the remotes! They light up and the buttons are fun to push.

But, I want to throw things in the toilet! I like the splashes. What are germs exactly? I don't see any in there.

But, I like throwing things in the trash can! Germs again? I think these are actually a figment of your imagination mommy!

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Karen said...

LOL! What a cutie.