Saturday, June 11, 2011

Super Spy Signs

Even though I tried with all three kids, Super Spy is the first to pick up sign language to communicate! She has "nurse" (or the american sign language sign for milk), "eat", and "more" all down. It's so much fun when she "asks" for something with signs. By the way, aren't naked babies the cutest thing on the planet?

We got a new chair for our living room from the always gracious Grandma, and so we moved our old blue chair into the back room (the kid's play room). We thought this was a temporary move until every time I turned around the older kids were in the blue chair reading. I decided a chair just for kids to read was an awesome idea, so I made room for the chair to fit into the play room. Here's a random pic of QQ that her teacher took for preschool graduation. She looks so cute! The below video is just Super Spy making kissy noises and teaching me how to imitate her ;)


Renae said...

Good job with the sign language! That is so cool! And yes, naked babies are the cutest!

Anonymous said...
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