Sunday, December 7, 2008

Church Christmas Party (Party party party!!!) A.K.A --What Superheroes Do in December

The party started out with a visit to the North Pole to see Santa

My kids hate Santa. :(

But seem ok with the candy canes that he gives out. We did not get a shot of Danger Boy because he would not go anywhere near Santa once the "sit on his lap" part started.

The tree was beautiful... naturally I had to keep the kids away from it
There were also beautiful presents (don't touch! they are just for decoration!)
And then the primary put on a Christmas program! Danger Boy is holding the sheep.
Paranoid Dad said our church is politically incorrect because all the boys were shepherds and all the girls were angels (except Joseph & Mary). Yay for political incorrectness!

Vance had fun holding his lamb.
Lots of fun!!

Some of the shepherds got tired.

Vance did not need to sit down but he showed off his sucker fish face towards the end. He was a very good shepherd!


lizS said...

lol! that did look like lots of fun. great pics!

Renae said...

The unPCness was all the kids. Mom let the children choose which one they wanted to be, and all the boys chose to be shepherds, and all the girls chose to be angels.

timpani76 said...

Ha Renae! It's even funnier knowing it was all the kids doing!

Karen said...

It's so hilarious how much kids hate Santa? Isn't he supposed to be a happy figure? By the way, your kids are too cute for words!!!!

timpani76 said...

Welcome Karen! I didn't know you had a blog. I will have to put you on my list ;)

Dana Cheryl said...

My Baptist preacher didn't want girls to be angels in our Christmas plays because he said that all angels were male. Interesting huh?