Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Random Christmas Stuff

Here is some fun stuff from our two day Christmas Marathon;

Crazy aunts & scary uncles are just part of the fun...

With the hugging...
and the squishing?
Haven't figured out this face either ;)

What is Christmas without presents????!!!

Big presents!!!

Danger Boy managed to get excited about things like underwear and blankets ;)

The cousins getting together is big part of the fun for my kids as well.
Weapons of choice: Foil wrapping paper & Little mermaid blankets?

I'm not sure why Vance likes wrestling around with his older cousin, because he always loses. But, he loses with a silly smile on his face!

We wandered over to Grandma's house later on Christmas day for more presents,
and torturing Grandma's dog is always fun too!

Tired Mom loves Christmas, but she is looking forward to a return to sanity this week ;)


Eyepoke said...

CALL ME!!!!!

timpani76 said...


Renae said...

Elise reminds me of one of the chicks on guitar hero.

timpani76 said...

Yes, Elise is just that awesome ;)

The Marinator said...

I LOVE the gorgeous pictures of the babies that Erik is holding in the second to last pic! Did Amy do those? Wow. Anyway, looks like you all had a way fun Christmas, and cousin play is definitely one of the best parts of Christmas.

timpani76 said...

No Mary, my mother in law had those made at JCPenney's where we get most of our pics made. There are several more that are just as cute that I have to give away to my sibs!