Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Power to Turn Any Piece of Furniture Into a Playground

I'm so glad I only have hand me down or Goodwill furniture, so when the kids get bored in the winter and want to turn the living room chair into a slide, it's fun all around (for me to watch and for the kids to play). My cats already had a go at destroying this chair, so I figured it was the kids turn anyway!


Bruce said...

the problem with that is that when you finally get a peace of furniture you like and want to last the kids still treat it like a playground. i know this because its an ongoing battle at my house.

lizS said...

that's why you don't get nice furniture until your kids are teenagers. duh.
very cute timpani!

timpani76 said...

Yeah, I know a lot of older couples who made sure the kids were either teenagers or out of the house before they bought those white couches or nice furniture.

We do have a nicer brown couch that I don't let the kids take apart. I do let them eat on it (which is why I like the color brown!). It's also a hand me down, but of the nicer variety.