Sunday, December 21, 2008

Super Hero Training Ground- McDonald's Playland

So, you take your kids to this indoor park where they run around, occasionally eat, make a few insta-throwaway friends, and then you take them home where hopefully they sleep. Plus, they're so busy playing, and trying to avoid you making them eat that last chicken nugget, that maybe you get some time to talk to your spouse (over the din, but still it works). Your kids get some much needed winter exercise and Tired Mom gets a night off from cooking. What's not to love?

Vance heard a little girl crying while we were there because some girl tried to take her pony or something. So the little girl goes and sits with her mom for awhile. Vance asked "Can I hug Zsu Zsu to make her feel better?" (I don't know how he learned the girl's name). I told him he could so he gave her a hug and pats her on the shoulder, and the mom thought that was so sweet. Then we all went into sugar shock when QQ sees Vance hugging her because she's sad and QQ decides to give her a hug as well. I love my kids!

Mcdonalds's playland in E-ville

Yes, I got Vance the toy for the girl meal. He likes ponies ok!

QQ does not go up in the play place yet, so she usually plays on the benches or on the ramp on the lower part.

She was playing camera flash peekaboo behind this bench for these shots.

Vance means well ;)


Jeanette and Jason said...

What sweeties you have.

Bruce said...

so vance has the power to controle others emotions.... very interesting. maybe i can...! oh hello i didnt realize you were listning. i just ment that, well... er.... ah.... i have no intentions to use the boy to further any evil plots, honest.

Renae said...

Cute Pics. And at least it's not a Barbie.