Monday, March 22, 2010

Unknown Super Powers

Tired Mom discovers new super powers every day sometimes. The Super Kids mostly are responsible for finding them out. A few she has discovered lately:

Danger Boys says while we are riding in the car, "MOM! You are making the grass go really fast!" Yes, I can do that, all on my own!

Kid Catastrophe was talking to me from another room, around a corner, and says, "MOM! Does this go in there?" Because I have x-ray vision!

Both kids yelling at me, "MOM! Open the door!" while I have both hands full of grocery bags. Because I can spontaneously grow a third arm out of my stomach! Who knew? The kids have such confidence in their ability to discover my super powers.

AAAAANNNNNNDDD, the best super power of all.......I can grow another human being in my STOMACH! How cool is that????


Renae said...

Yeah, I think it's pretty cool.

Dana Cheryl said...

You're lookin' so cute!!

No wonder your kids are super heros... They learned it from mom!

lizS said...

that's awesome. i mean, where do the kids *think* they get their stupendousness? lol! and you are looking uber cute lady!