Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Luke, I am your father..."

Not quite. More like, "Quisqueya and Vance, I am your grandfather!" but with no wheezing through a respirator. My dad came into the area to visit and see my youngest brother, Cianan, graduate from basic training for the Army National Guard. It was the first time that my dad got to see my children.

Here he shows the dynamic duo how a starfish eats and regurgitates its prey explosively. There is a 6 minute video of the explanation that may be posted later. (Cianan's girlfriend, Sherry, is in the background.)

Here Grandpa Butch shows Danger Boy and Kid Catastrophe some fauna. I know all kids like animals and such, but DB really likes them. I had forgotten how much my dad knew about 'em, which may explain Vance's affinity to an extent.

QQ and Vance also got to meet there cousin, Amelia. Amelia is my eldest younger brother's little girl. (Billy Nate.) His wife, Holly, managed to evade all picture taking. (?) The kids did famously together.

Here is myself, Cianan and my dad. Cianan graduated on Friday at 9 AM at Ft. Leonard Wood, was brought to Fairview Heights, Il. to visit my grandma and had to be back by 9 PM that night. I got to see him for a bit under and hour for the first time in about 13 years. He grew a wee bit. ;)

Here is QQ, Cianan and my grandma. (Tyler, my cousin, is in the background looking glum.)

My dad holding Vance.

For you sappy types! (Godspeed Brother!)

Here's and unposted photo from when my other brother, Aaron, went through MP training for the Marines at Ft. Leonard Wood. (We got to talk shop a bit as he was learning pain-compliance locks.)

It was great to have my dad and the fam in town so everyone could meet. Hope to get out to the open spaces out west one of these days so that the kids can meet the other transplanted kin.


Eyepoke said...


I am always a little... whats the right word here... disoriented when your extended family shows up, siblings etc. I am so used to you not having siblings.

timpani76 said...

Ha John! Renae said something very similar about forgetting about Erik's "other" family!

Elise said...

Wow! Looking at that pic of Erik with his dad was freaky. I use to think he looked like his mom. Not anymore.

timpani76 said...

Ha ha, Elise, and all Erik's half brother looks like alternate universe versions of Erik too! Erik totally looks like his Dad's side of the family.