Friday, August 20, 2010

Pirate Dinosaurs

Tired Mom was reading to the Super Kids as usual before bed time, while Paranoid Dad was off teaching other kids how to kick some bootie at his Kajakenbo class. Tired Mom got to the part where the pirate captain was sobbing about how the dinosaur pirates had stolen his ship, as Paranoid Dad was walking up the stairs. Apparently, Tired Mom was doing such a good job, that Paranoid Dad actually thought she was having an hysterical crying fit! Hilarious.

The book is pretty funny as it features a boy named Flinn, who I think gets his name from the famous swashbuckling pirate actor, Errol Flynn. The book also incorporates two universal boy favorites: PIRATES & DINOSAURS.

In other haps, we had a birthday party as the Super Cousins came to visit us from the East Coast for two weeks. Danger Boy and Kid Catastrophe are showing off their party clothes in the below pic.

The Super Cousins got plenty of good loot (sorry, still in pirate mode here). ARRRGGGGHHH ME HARDIES, THE PLUNDER IS GOOD! (can't stop apparently).
Cousin T seen here licking the icing off his cake figure.
AND......last but not least we have a new SUPER CAT. We have named him Stoic for his calm acceptance of all Super Kid pesterings. He also hides really well, which I'm sure helps also.


Renae said...

That's funny! (about Eric and the book thing) Yay for a new super cat!

Bruce said...

just wait, NSC will start attaking his feet in the night and we see how much tollerating goes on