Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Danger Boy Turns WHAT? SEVEN?

Dun na na na, DINOSAUR, du na na na, DINOSAUR!
What every boy needs for his specifically requested DINOSAUR BIRTHDAY is a huge brontosaurus. Seriously, I thought everyone knew that? You too can make this wonderous (dare I even say SUPER?) party decoration with 3-4 hours, some tissue paper, flour paste, and a TON of cardboard. All of which we had on hand (except the tissue paper which cost only $1). Danger Boy of course loved it. What more could a Tired Mom ask for?

On a side note- who let Danger Boy become SEVEN years old? That's just crazy! Seven years old was when Tired Mom moved to our house (that Granny still lives in), we had a dog named Chibby (who tortured my 2-3 year old baby sister by nipping her heels), and my 2nd grade teacher was Mrs. Pokorny (pretty sure that's spelled incorrectly, but still, I remember the name). Anyway, rant over.

The cake did not come out quite so well, since Danger Boy insisted the dinosaur be a "rainbow dinosaur". It mostly just looks like the vague outline of a dinosaur instead. The chocolate chip spikes were a nice touch though, I must say.

And then, we were on to the presents. Surprisingly, What's a birthday without at least a few presents?

Trains! Danger Boy loved this train set. Tired Mom is always surprised by the wide range of toys the Super Kids will play with.

Danger Boy has never been given toy guns before. What were we thinking for this serious lapse? Every boy needs to learn the importance of some fake plastic semi-automatic firearms so he can dream of being a police officer, or a soldier, or James Bond.

And, of course, the obligatory, DINOSAUR!