Thursday, December 8, 2011

Please God, Don't Let Me Forget

The little jackets, on the little silver hooks
A cluttered pile of toys next to a shelf of children's books
Children's crayon drawn pictures scattered all around the floor
Scribbles and doodles cover the walls and back door

Children chattering excitedly in the play room corners
Toddler hugs and sweet soft snuggles on my shoulder
Panda and monkey footy pajamas padding along the hard floor
The way the baby jabbers and signs with pudgy hands for more

The television is always on and seems to be singing
I try to catch up with everything when I hear the phone ringing
I chatter and laugh about how hectic my life has become
But, please God don't let me forget, not even some

Bring all the joy of this part to my remembrance
All the clutter, all the chaos, especially all the mess
Even the jarring awake moment of the baby crying some nights
Or the sound of the older children's petty little school age fights.

I never want to forget this magical time
I want to remember more than this rhyme
I want to imagine all the detail forever more
Leave it there always, a gift to restore.


Mom and Sarah said...

You are more wise than you know! Oh, it all goes too fast! My house is blaringly quiet and it is so sad to me at times...miss you!

Eyepoke said...

When I saw the title, I at first thought you were quoting the Shepard's prayer.